ISO 28000

The objective of ISO 28000 is to define the requirements for effective security management in the supply chain based on the highest standards. ISO 28000 is a management system norm based on risk, its evaluation and effective reduction.

Companies that decide to certificate with ISO 28000 show, that they contribute for improvement of the security of the supply chain.

ISO 28000 is an international standard for safety management system of the supply chain. The scope covers critical aspects affecting the security of the supply chain.

ISO 28000 specifies requirements for a safety management system, including key aspects to ensure the security of the supply chain:

  • security policy
  • security targets
  • analysis and risk evaluation
  • operational management
  • legal requirements
  • establishing, implementation, maintaining and improvement of the safety management system

The ISO 2800 Certificate determinates special frames for organizations operating in transportation and logistics, and helps to minimize the risk for occurrence of adverse events, so it helps to ensure on-time delivery without damaging the cargo.

Korzyści osiągane przez przedsiębiorców w wyniku wdrożenia ISO 28000 to między innymi:

  • show the business as a trustworthy reliable partner
  • integration of existing security standards
  • identification of critical points and risks in the supply chain, as well as the introduction of risk analysis for management
  • processes optimization in the supply chain